7 Tips for Funeral Etiquette

Funerals are amongst the most emotional periods in a person’s life. Preparation, choosing flowers, gravestones(gravstein, gravstøtter), and the correct words to be said are stressful. They may be condensed into mere hours, but the wrong word or the wrong action could lead to a lot of pain and embarrassment. If you are attending a funeral, here are some essential tips from gravstein bergen, for correct funeral etiquette:

1. Arrive On-Time
Funerals are the one time where you must never arrive late. No excuse is acceptable for arriving late, including traffic and not being able to find a parking space. Always aim to arrive between eight and ten minutes before the service actually begins.

2. Wear Proper Attire
Western culture demands that black is worn to a funeral. Immediate family members, in particular, should always opt for white black at funerals. Guests can have a tad more freedom, but anything bright, sloppy and cheery is out of the question.

3. Send a Message of Sympathy Prior to the Service
But do this through either email or genuine mail. Anything intrusive, such as an SMS or a phone call is out of the question unless you are a close family member. You never want to intrude on someone’s grieving period, even if it’s with good intentions.

4. Send a Gift
Flowers aren’t automatically the right thing to send any longer. Instead, contact the funeral home and enquire as to the gifts the bereaved would prefer. For example, many people prefer donations to charities over flowers sent to funerals.

5. Respect the Family’s Customs
Never criticise the family’s decision when it comes to what they decide to have at their funeral. It doesn’t matter whether you disagree. Keep your mouth shut and accept it as it is.

6. Bringing Small Children
If you aren’t positive your child can whisper and sit still for between 30 and 45 minutes, hire a babysitter and leave them at home. Many families ask that small children are not allowed to come for this reason.

7. Turn Off Your Phone
Nothing is more disrespectful or embarrassing than a phone that starts to ring in the middle of a funeral service. Sometimes it may happen by accident, but this is the one time where even accidents aren’t treated excusable.
Get into the habit of turning off your phone, or leaving it on silent. Avoid leaving it on vibrate because this still makes a noise, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than having to silence a phone in the middle of a service.
People will notice.